Well-aging clinic in Kisarazu
Well-aging clinic in Kisarazu

Located near Kisarazu station (several minutes’ walk from it), 

Maple Kisarazu Clinic is the only one medical clinic targeting anti-aging in the south of Chiba prefecture.

We think of anti-aging as the way to live in good health and on our own.

We’d like to be your service provider of choice for your healthy and brighter life through-

①intravenous α-Lipoic acid

②intravenous VitC therapy (12.5g only)

➂Placenta injection (Melsmon only)   \1.000-/A

④medication of ED/PE/AGA/Female thinning hair

   ED =Erectile Dysfunction

   PE =Premature Ejaculation

   AGA =Androgenetic Alopecia

➄Emergency Pills (original product and generic of NorLevo)

⑥Movement of Menstruation Date

 … and so forth.

Feel free to visit our clinic while we’re open
‘cause there’s few patients now.
No need to make an appointment.

We have lots of time to talk!

Thanks.  (^.^)

Koichi Ogura,MD

We’re open
Thurseday  through  Monday  
 (including national holidays).