Emergency pills
Morning-After Pill

Morning-After Pill
(Emergency Contraception)

Morning-After Pill reduces the risk of pregnancy by about 95 percent when started within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

(1) Mechanism of action

Morning-after Pill contains a small amount of estrogen and progesterone.

When you have unprotected intercourse around the time of your ovulation, take one tablet of Morning-after pill within 72 hours and your ovulation will be put off several days and fertilization will be blocked. This is the main reason you can prevent pregnancy.

(2) Disadvantages of the Morning-After Pill

Emergency contraception is safe, and millions of women have used it. There have been no reports of serious complications. Nausea is the most common side effects. Less than 1 out of 4 women feel sick when they take them. Other side effects may be breast tendernessirregular bleedingdizziness and headaches.
  But remember, all these side effects are slight and you will not suffer. You have only to stay still.

(3) Price   
Nor Levo(original product)  16.000 yen

Nor Levo(generic)   10.600yen

  If you do not have your period within three weeks after taking emergency contraception, you may want to consider taking a pregnancy test.

【Take-home message】
Preventation-rate is about 95%, not 100%.