Vitamin C infusion
about Vitamin C infusion

Highly concentrated Vitamin C infusion 

We are targeting anti-aging(=well-aging) as we believe that anti-aging therapy leads to our brighter life without lifestyle diseases or brain diseases such as dementia.

Highly concentrated Vitamin C infusion effects on anti-aging

① Whitening effect

② Active oxygen removal

➂ Moisturizing effect

  ④ Fatigue-recovering effect

➄ Improving immunity

The anti-aging drip treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. No need to have some check-up before for Vitamin C 12.5g.

【SIDE EFFECT】Since Vitamin C is necessary for our body, side effects are rare and usually mild when they do occur.

①a tingling sensation or slight topical rash of the puncture position

②After you had strong pressure on your muscle(e.g. a strong massage or contact sports), rarely you’ll have some pain or slight internal hemorrhage with this VitC therapy.

➂lower your blood sugar level in a small degree & makes you thirsty

Please get VitC in intravenous when you are NOT hungry. Drink and eat something during therapy.

【Caution】Smoking makes the level of Vitamin C down in your body so we recommend you to refrain from smoking.

(Smoking does more harm than good.)

The first-visit fee:\1.000-

Vitamin C  12.5gRegular Price(\)10.000-

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You can pay in Japanese yen ONLY.
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more about Vit C

Vitamin C infusion 

We would particularly like to recommend it to those who:

Are concerned with the dullness of their skinskin firmness and wrinkles

Are smokers

Have chronic fatigue or easily get tired or Easily catch colds

In our hospital, we use a preservative-free formula, unlike formulas with preservatives usually contained in the typical vitamin C drips found in study groups. Domestically formulated vitamin C formulas usually contain preservatives and their highly concentrated vitamin C drips would mean a high amount of preservatives. Due to this reason, we import formulations from overseas(Ireland) which are formulated with more safety and health in mind.

Highly concentrated vitamin C infusion effects on anti-aging

① Whitening effect
: it is possible to suppress the production of melanin, lighten darkened spots and pigmentation.

Collagen-producing effect: to strengthen the underlying fibroblasts and skin elasticity to maintain skin firmness and elasticity.

② Active oxygen removal: to protect the skin from free radicals and active oxygen that causes acne, wrinkles, and blemishes.

➂ Moisturizing effect: to increase moisture retention and prevent skin from easily drying.

④ Fatigue-recovering effect: quickly helps recover from lethargy and fatigue through its anti-oxidative properties.

➄ Improving immunity: to enhance the function of your lymphocytes and immune system to prevent colds or other viral infections that deters healthy skin.


Those who can’t be treated are 

poor kidney conditions or
receiving renal dialysis.