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What we do now

Maple Kisarau Clinic

What we do now

medical expenses not covered by insurance

We are targeting-


(2)making our life brighter & healthier

Intravenous therapy(IV) for Anti-Aging

IV takes 30 ~ 40 minutes.

●Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

ALA is among Vitamin B group. It helps produce energy. As an antioxidant,
ALA protects our cells from harmful free radicals, which means –


① recovery from physical exhaustion

② protection against cancer & lifestyle diseases

➂ protection against brain diseases (e.g. dementia)

④ staying energetic and youthful     =Anti-Aging

●Highly concentrated Vitamin C infusion

 Effects on anti-aging

① Whitening effect

② Active oxygen removal

➂ Moisturizing effect

④ Fatigue-recovering effect

➄ Improving immunity

Please make an appointment over telephone
(or come talk to us) during office hours.

Vitamin Injection for energy or anti-aging

No need to make appointments.

Please come here during office hours. We won’t make you wait so long. Injection takes around 10 minutes.

Injection for Whitening ①「白玉-Shiratama」

also effective for hangover, common cold, hair growth

Injection for Whitening②「シンデレラ-Cinderella」

also effective for hay fever & well-aging

①+② short IV

For well-aging, also effective for common cold, having fever & hay fever

Red/Yellow/Black Vitamin injection

Fatigue-recovering effect

■Placenta Injection

  We need your Informed Consent.
  Let me explain.


        The first-visit fee      \1.000-

●Alpha lipoic acid(ALA)
           150㎎   \8.000-、
           200㎎   \10.000-、 
           300㎎   \13,000-

(150㎎→200㎎→300㎎, step by step)

●Vitamin C infusion 12.5ℊ \10.000-

● Injection for Whitening ① Shiratama  \3.000-

Injection for Whitening ② Cinderella   \3.500-                            

       ①+② short IV          \4.000-

●Vitamin(Energy) Injection(“ninnniku” in Japanese)

Red Vit Injection(mild, no smell)   \2.000-

Yellow Vit Injection(immediate)   \2.500-

Black Vit Injection(immediate & strong)\3.000-

Placenta Injection       \1.000-

■making our life brighter & healthier

Female thinning hair

Hair loss treatment(Pantostin) \5.700-/month

Hair growth(RogaineMinoxidil tablet)


“Basic set””Premier set” for 3 months is recommended

Emergency Pill (Norlevo)                      
                \16.000 ~ 10.600-

Period Control (movement of period)     

male AGA Treatment

Minoxidil tablet 5㎎      \6.000-/month

Dutasteride (=Zagaro)   \6.500-/month

D-select””F-select” for 3 months is recommended

●ED treatment (e.g. Cialis)   \1.100~1.800-

●PE treatment (Poxet)    \1.500-

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